Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Legal History Databases

The library is pleased to announce the availability of five new databases covering various areas of legal history and the historical aspects of modern law. All databases are accessible from off-campus via NIU's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

  • Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926: Full text documents of trial transcripts, popular printed accounts, briefs, arguments, and other documents related to over 300 years of notable Anglo-American trials and crimes such as those involving Dred Scott, Susan B. Anthony, Oscar Wilde, the Boston Massacre, the Bounty mutineers, the Salem witchcraft trials, and many more.
  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online: Legal Documents: Full text of books, pamphlets, and other documents printed in Great Britain and North America 1701-1800 tracing the development of law in the British Empire, Europe, and the Americas. [The initial screen of this database implies we have access to the entire 18th Century Collections Online database. This is misleading. We have access to the legal materials module.]
  • Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law: Includes most of the publications of that learned society as well as significant treatises important in the study of English legal history. This database is part of the HeinOnline collection of databases.
  • Harvard Research in International Law: This is an online version of the "Harvard Research in International Law," originally published in the American Journal of International Law between 1929 and 1939. This database is part of the HeinOnline collection of databases.
  • Taxation & Economic Reform in America: A Historical Archive, 1781-2009: Not yet available but coming soon. Contains more than 900 fully searchable volumes containing full texts of statutes, regulations, and compiled legislative histories covering more than two and a quarter centuries of tax and economic regulation in the United States. This database is part of the HeinOnline collection of databases.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Version of Online Catalog Debuts

NIU's online catalog, which includes the Law Library's holdings, has been upgraded to a new version. The upgrade also encompasses the I-Share catalog of over 70 academic institutions in Illinois. More information about changes and new features can be found on the Voyager upgrade page.