Thursday, July 29, 2010

First Day Assignments for Comparative Law & Contracts I

Assistant Professor Christopher T. Hines
First Week Reading Assignments as of July 28, 2010
Comparative Law
Course Materials:
Mattei, Ugo A. et al., Schlesinger’s Comparative Law, Seventh Edition, Foundation Press (ISBN 978-1-58778-591-7) [CASEBOOK]
Berlin, Isaiah, The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History, Elephant Paperbacks (ISBN 1-56663-019-3) [BERLIN]
Additional Materials posted on the class TWEN site [TWEN]
8/16  (Introduction to the Comparative Approach)
Berlin 1-43

8/18  (Introduction to the Comparative Approach; Foreign Law in the United States)
Berlin 43-81
TWEN Lawrence v. Texas
Contracts I
Course Materials:
Barnett, Randy E., Contracts: Cases and Doctrine, Fourth Edition, Aspen (ISBN 978-0-7355-6346-9) [CASEBOOK]
Barnett, Randy E., Perspectives on Contract Law, Fourth Edition, Aspen (ISBN 978-0-7355-8297-2) [PCL]
8/16 (Introduction to Contract Law)
Casebook 3-15
8/17 (Introduction to Contract Law)
Casebook 15-21
8/18 (Public Policy and the Limits of Contract)
Casebook 22-45, skim 45-4

Monday, July 26, 2010

First Day Assignments for Federal Income Tax & Bankruptcy

Federal Income Tax:
• Monday
    • in casebook, skim pp. 17-29, 29-44
    • read pp. 46-63
• Wednesday
    • do p. 63, problems 1-6
    • read pp. 64-66
    • do p. 66, problems 1, 2
    • read pp. 67-78, 78-80, Olk
• Monday: in casebook, skim pp. 3-20, read pp. 20-23, skim pp. 23-28, read pp. 33-42
• Wednesday: read pp. 45-53, 54-62, 71-74, 79, 92-95

-Professor Schneider

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Important Message to Student Organizations

Attention All Student Organizations

The SBA is currently missing updated contact information for the 2010-2011
boards from the following organizations:

American Constitution Society
Animal Legal Defense Fund
Real Estate Law Society

It is very important that the SBA has this information, for the benefit of
each Student Organization.  If the SBA does not hear from these
organizations by WEDNESDAY, JULY 14, 2010, and does not have contact
information for each 2010-2011 board by that date, each of
these organizations will no longer be recognized by the SBA, will not
recieve SBA funding, will not be included in the Organization Fair, etc.
Therefore, it is in each organization's best interest for the SBA to have
this information as soon as possible.

Persons who have this information should send the names, titles/positions,
and email addresses of all board members for the organization for the
2010-2011 year to Becca Kopps at:  If any Organization
has not yet held elections, please include this in your email.  Please make
any person or persons who may have this information aware of the SBA's need
for their contact information and the deadline for submitting such

Thank you!

Becca Kopps
SBA Vice-President