Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Recent Activities from Professor Paul Cain

  • On April 26, 2013, Clinical Associate Professor Paul J. Cain presented on the topic, “Expungement and Sealing of Criminal Records” for the Winnebago County Bar Association Criminal Law Section Continuing Legal Education program. Prof. Cain presented on how to expunge and seal both adult and juvenile criminal records, request clemency through the Prisoner Review Board and Governor’s Office, and obtain certificates of rehabilitation. 
  • On April 22, 2013, Professor Cain was appointed by ISBA President-Elect Paula H. Holderman to the ISBA Criminal Justice Section Council. The mission of ISBA Criminal Justice Section is to work for a system of criminal justice that fairly protects the accused, the accuser, and the public in general; to seek or oppose change, as considered appropriate, by legislative activity, recommendations on court rules and recommendations to agencies; and to educate and inform lawyers and the general public through newsletters, seminars and other appropriate channels of communication. The Council provides leadership to the more than 800 ISBA members of the Criminal Justice Section as well as continuing legal education programs and a newsletter.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

SBA End of Year Election Results

Congratulations to the victors in this year's SBA elections, revealed this past Monday at the End of the Year party!  Professor Dan Reynolds was named Professor of the Year for the sixth time, Nate Tate was named Class Agent for the Class of 2013, and Jeff Zanchelli was chosen Class Speaker.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting, and see you at graduation!