Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Course Update for Remedies with Judge O'Malley

Judge O'Malley

(a) class will NOT meet on Monday 5/19, the first day will be Tuesday 5/20; and
(b) the first assignment, which must be read before class on 5/20, will be: read the syllabus, skim pages 1-15 of the text (2nd edition), and read pages 15-27 and 141-170 of the text.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Clinical Law Program Still Accepting Summer Applications on a Rolling Basis

Did your summer plans change? This might be the perfect opportunity to participate in experiential learning.

The COL’s experiential learning program currently offers four clinical courses: the Civil Justice Clinic in Rockford, the Foreclosure Mediation Clinic in Kane County, the Health Advocacy Clinic in Aurora, and the Juvenile Justice Clinic in Rockford. These clinics offer the chance to work with actual clients in a variety of settings on litigation, transactional and alternative dispute resolution matters.

The Clinic Application Form is now available online and in the Faculty Office. The Clinical Law Program is still accepting applications for the Summer Semester 2014 on a first come first served basis. Please submit your completed application to Julie Mahoney-Kryzyek, Office of Budget and Records, Swen Parson Hall, Room 285.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the clinical faculty if you need any additional information.

Anita Maddali, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of Clinics,
Paul Cain, Clinical Associate Professor, Juvenile Justice Clinic,
Wendy Vaughn, Clinical Assistant Professor, Civil Justice Clinic,
Colleen Boraca, Clinical Assistant Professor, Health Advocacy Clinic,
Alan Boudreau, Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor, Foreclosure Mediation Clinic,