Monday, August 17, 2015

Information from Office of Budget and Records

Office Locations:

Christina L. Raguse
Director, Office of Budget & Records
Room: SP281A2 (in Student Affairs Suite)
Phone: 815-753-6580

Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek
Office Manager
Room: SP285 (across hall from elevator)
Phone: 815-753-1620

  • If you currently have a locker, that locker will be yours the entire time you are enrolled as a student here in the College of Law. No locker exchanges without verification of medical necessity. 
  • If you do not have a locker and would like one, you must email your request to Julie Mahoney-Krzyzek at A locker will be assigned to you. 
  • If a locker that is not registered with our office is found to have a lock on it, the lock will be cut off and contents removed. Replacing any locks that have to be cut off for this purpose will be your responsibility. Mailboxes: 
  • New mailboxes have been created for all students. These are found in the front of the Law Library 
  • The mailboxes are for correspondence only. Do not put books, DVDs, clothing, etc. in them. There simply is not enough room for extra items, and it is very hard on the hanging files. 
  • If you had books, etc. in the mailboxes over the summer, you can pick the items up in SP285 
  • Please check your mailbox regularly and do not let items accumulate.

  • The NIU Z-email address is the official email for all students. You are responsible for all notices and other communications sent to that address regardless of whether or not you opened and read them. Please check your Z-email frequently to ensure receipt of all official notices, especially if you have forwarded the Z-email to another address. Communications do not always forward as expected and can be lost, dumped into trash or blocked. 
Reimbursement Process: 
  • Purchases: For purchases on behalf of NIU College of Law events: Expenses must be approved by the Office of Budget & Records before purchase is made. NIU Accounting reimbursement procedures change occasionally, so to ensure your reimbursement will be able to be processed, please contact us even if you have prior permission of faculty or staff member. 
  • Travel: For reimbursement for travel on behalf of NIU College of Law, you will need the approval of the Dean before the travel occurs. You must also see Julie (SP285) or Christina (SP280A2) before travel occurs to ensure that your reimbursement will be processed with appropriate required documentation.