Thursday, April 13, 2017

Marine JAG Informational Session Wednesday, 4/19

Come to a free class on Wednesday, April 19th at noon in the Faculty Conference Room (Swen Parson 258) to learn about becoming a Marine Corps Judge Advocate and have the opportunity to ask a Judge Advocate questions about military law, lifestyle, how they make a difference and more.

After initial Marine Officer training at The Basic School, Judge Advocates attend the Naval Justice School (NJS) where they learn the basic aspects of military law, including the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Operational Law, Trial Advocacy and Administrative Law. As a Marine Corps Judge Advocate, you will immediately be given the responsibilities of maintaining your own caseload and advising Marines on legal issues. While most new civilian attorneys are relegated to research duty on cases tried by others, you will be building your skills and acquiring real legal experience in the courtroom.