Friday, March 11, 2016

Lawyer’s Assistance Program

The Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP) is a non-profit organization founded to help Illinois lawyers, judges, law students and their families cope with substance abuse or mental health problems (broadly defined to include stress, anxiety and depression).

LAP’s services are provided at no cost to those who contact them and include education, counseling, referral, peer assistance and intervention. Many counseling and support services are provided by current or former attorneys who have shared the experiences and pressures of being a law student. Law students can call LAP for assistance for themselves and for their classmates and can also ask LAP for help with questions about how to deal with character and fitness issues. All client interactions with LAP are held in strict confidence under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 1.6.

For more information about LAP and its services, call 800.LAP.1233 or 312.726.6614 or email them at Information is also available on LAP’s website ( ) or from Associate Dean Coles (Room 276).