Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Breakfast Club Dates for This Semester - Now on Wednesdays

Join us at Breakfast Club Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am in the Marshall Gallery for coffee, bagels, and excellent conversation.

The dates for this semester are:
  • January 18 - Donald Trump’s Presidency in Historical Context with Dr. Artemus Ward 
  • January 25 - Balancing work with career and the art of the interview with John Monical 
  • February 8 - Advocating for suffering clients with Professor Colleen Boraca 
  • February 22 - Using a J.D. outside of practicing law with Jeanne Meyer 
  • March 8 - Managing anxiety for optimal performance with Dr. Billie Cali 
  • March 22 - Non-competes and trade secrets with Jeffrey Bunn 
  • April 5 - Running for office with Karen Donnelly 
  • April 19 - Using a J.D. to meet needs with Karla Altmayer

Coffee & bagels will be provided by Barb City Bagels.