Friday, January 20, 2017

CLE Program & Reception February 16th

The College of Law will host a CLE program & reception on Thursday, February 16th starting at 3:00 p.m. There will be two CLE lectures, one hour each in the Riley Courtroom followed by a one-hour reception in the Marshall Gallery and Law Library. There will be one hour of CLE credit available for each lecture, professionalism approval pending. All are welcome to attend any one or all three of the events, even if not seeking CLE credit.

Introduction to Mindfulness for Lawyers will be presented by Professor Laurel Rigertas at 3:00. This course introduces lawyers to mindful meditation. The course defines mindful meditation, discusses some of the science and research about its benefits, and introduces participants to a basic mindfulness exercise. The course also discusses how mindfulness can aid various lawyering skills and, in particular, explores how it can support the legal profession’s goal of civility.

Challenges of Working with Vulnerable Populations: Practical Tips for Representing Clients Facing Homelessness, Mental Illness or Addiction will be presented by Professor Colleen Boraca & Ryan Dowd (’03) at 4:00. Many attorneys work with vulnerable populations throughout their career, especially in pro bono work. Specific ethical issues arise when working with clients facing homelessness, mental health and addiction issues. This course will start with an overview of the culture of poverty and the possible implications upon representation, particularly the hurdles to developing trust between an attorney and client. Presenters will also discuss the role of a lawyer and potential confidentiality challenges in working with vulnerable populations. Presenters will then examine ethical implications of working with clients facing mental health issues and provide tips for working with clients. Finally, other challenges to working with clients facing homelessness, mental illness or addiction (habituation to punishment and crisis mode) will be explored.