Wednesday, February 1, 2017

SALDF Animal Shelter Drive in Marshall Gallery During February

Any help you can offer is much appreciated. Just look for the box in the Marshall Gallery from now until the end of February. Here is a list of what's needed and where you can find it:

Target/Farm & Fleet--
Dog/Cat Food (Purina regular & indoor are favorites)
Bleach/Vinegar/Cleaning Supplies
Paper Towels/Dish Soap
Litter Pans
Sterile Gloves/ Rubbing Alcohol
Printer Paper/Ink
Office Supplies
Specialty Pet Diet Needs

Building Materials
For Shelter Repairs
Dog/Cat Food (Purina regular & indoor are favorites)
Cat Litter
Cleaning Supplies
Trash Containers
Fencing Parts
Laundry Supplies
Water Buckets

Ace Hardware--
Cage Clips
Garbage Bags
Furnace Filters
Cage Repair Bolts
Yard Maintenance Equipment

Cloth towels/small rugs
Postage stamps
Liquid hand soap
Aluminum cans to recycle
Lint rollers
Gift Cards to Target or Farm & Fleet
33 gallon trash bags (can be found at Menard's, Lowe's & Ace Hardware)
Laundry detergent
Petco and Petsmart gift cards (for specialty foods when needed)