Wednesday, May 17, 2017

First Reading Assignments for Professional Responsibility Summer Session w/ Prof. Boudreau

Ethical Problems Practice Law: Concise Third Edition for Two Credit Courses (EPPL)
Author: Lerman, Lisa G.; Schrag, Philip G.
ISBN: 9781454830702
Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Model Rules, State Variations and Practice Questions (Supp)
2017 and 2018 Edition
Author: Lisa G. Lerman
ISBN: 9781454875352
Examples and Explanations: Professional Responsibility (E&E)
Fifth Edition
Author: W. Bradley Wendel
ISBN: 9781454868439
The textbook Ethical Problems Practice Law: Concise Third Edition for Two Credit Courses and the Examples and Explanations are available as a bundle with ISBN 9781454880691 for $5 more than the textbook alone. 

For our first class on Monday, May 22, 1:00 - 3:45, please read the following:

EPPL Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, pages

1-7 skim
7-14 read
14-19 skim
21-31 read
31-37 skim
37-100 read

Read ABA Model Rules in SUPP (please read the significant state variations to the rules when instructed - state variations are included in the supplement)

Preamble and Scope
Rule 5.1 and state variations
Rule 5.2
Rule 5.3 and state variations
Rule 8.1 and state variations
Rule 8.3 and state variations
Be prepared to discuss the following problems in class
1-1: Weed
1-2: The Doctored Resume
2-1: Exculpatory Evidence
2-2: The Little Hearing
A note on readings: There are a lot of readings and homework in this class. During the semester, a two-credit class would meet 28 times, twice a week over 14 weeks. During the summer, we accomplish the same work in 9 meetings. That means that the homework for each class is the equivalent of the homework for three classes during the semester.